Meet America B

Hey Babe!

    This site will be your new favorite spot if you’re looking do your makeup (or someone else’s 👀), creating or attend amazing creative art ventures and experiences. Maybe you’re into dope ass creative – Digital/ Design Content or you just need advice on how to turn your idea into a blog/online money making business. Well you’ve come to the right place. 

I specialize in things (*tings) like; 

  • Starting businesses with dope – creative digital/ design content (visual art, graphic design, web design, pop ups, shows, etc.)
  • Makeup 
  • Organzing/ Planning 
  • Cooking bomb & easy meals. Connect with me on Snapchat to see my mini cooking tutorials …


Here on my blog you should expect to find things (*tings) like; 

  • Printables to help organize, plan, set, and achieve your goals (creative minds make you think a lot … lets start working on them all) 
  • Makeup tutorials/ tips
  • Information on my upcoming seminars, showcases, pop ups, collaborations, and more !
  • My creative digital content/ experiences
  • “How – To” start a business and handle Marketing like a Boss!

So, whether your into starting a business, rebranding your business, need some makeup advice, or just simply want to rebrand your creative lifestyle my goal is to inspire all of you creative mind “Goal Diggers” to creative magic with your talents. God didn’t bless you to be average. And yes, it’s okay to have multiple talents and want to monetize from them all (you just need to know how to put them all together to make one). Let the world know, the entire road is your lane… They’re in your way ! 

A lil’ bit about my personal story of becoming creative digital design content, makeup artist, and What not ….

IMG_4769Honestly, being a female entrepreneur was not my first choice as a career goal…. it was a actually becoming a lawyer lol. But, all that quickly changed when I started a magazine in 2011 ( I was 10th grade). I had the intentions of trying to put all of my creative thoughts in one place with the help of other young creative artist I called it; BeReal Magazine: Made for Us. By Us. And boy did we create magic ❤️. Maybe 3 years later I found myself loving the creative digital/ design content part but not the actual magazine (paperwork/ process) and I ended the movement. I later went on a “Start a Business Binge” I literally was starting business after business trying to do what I did with BeRealMagazine but in separate business ventures (WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!!). Legit, trap yourself in a closet until you really figure out what want, how you want, and why you  want it. I was driving myself nuts trying to figure how I could do everything in one business without confusing my market and then no other “Kayne West” ladies and gentle helped solve my problem.

See what I wanted to do was create/design dope ass experiences through creative digital content … it was there all along … I just couldn’t find the proper word for it. I started so many (successful) businesses I gain the experience of becoming a expert on how to get online blogs and business started and actually get money from doing so (college also had a something to do with it lol) 

Throughout my time of trying to find my niche/purpose I discovered a hidden talent of mine .. ‘Makeup’ and it all started with YouTube … lol I thought those girls was theeeeeee bomb and I wanted my makeup to look just like theirs!! My favorite beauty influencers MakeupShayla, Nitraa B, Tymetheinfamous, Jaclyn Hill, and Tatyana Wstco. It went from just trying to look cute to Pro Makeup Artist – I recently decided to focus on myself and brand which led me to deciding to leave being a makeup artist title ( *tear* bitter sweet) behind. Instead just focus on being a beauty blogger/influencer. 
And Bam ! That was it: America … the Creative Digital Director | Educator | Beauty Influencer| Blogger. At first I was like girl that’s not going to work but then I just figure out how to put them all in one with ever feeling overwhelmed and over worked.



Some cool – random fact about me: 

  1. My name is America
  2. Graduated college with a degree in Business and Technology 
  3. Beauty school drop out 
  4. My grandma taught me how to cook 
  5. My boyfriend and I been together for 6 1/2 years !!! 
  6. My boyfriend still haven’t brought me a puppy  🙂
  7. New Orleans (NOLA) Born and Raise !!! 
  8. Started my own after school program in high school 
  9. Trap is Life – @thaglittertrap
  10. Love cos-play, doing my makeup, and taking selfies BeFunky Collage